Cheeta Golf Cart Manufacturers

Cheeta for Pro Shops

Sell / Rent Cheeta Golf Cart at your Pro Shop or Golf Course!

  • Cheeta Golf with removable battery system!
  • Extra set of battery for off board charging system!
  • Retain and increase your senior membership
  • Set up handicap golfers during slow time of the week
  • Comply with ADA regulation
  • Increase your youth market by speeding up the game
  • Renting + Selling = Best ROI !

Cheeta Golf Pro $4,600 one time or $150 for 36 months


Why Cheeta?

For these great benefits…

  • Increase game speed by as much as 50%
  • Lighter weight reduces turf wear and tear
  • Personalization scooter let’s players focus on their own game
  • High ROI for rentals – rent 5 times per day!
  • Interchangeable baskets provides use by staff and maintenance
  • Quick change LI batteries, no flat tires and quality manufacturing = less operating costs and higher player satisfaction