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Cheeta Golf NINJA SINGLE RIDER is a PGA Magazine Partner.

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25 Years in the Electric Vehicle Marketplace.

CheetaGolf delivered the first lithium powered scooter in 2001. Our electric vehicles have been featured in many TV shows, movies, and publications. Our customer list includes major retailers, independent dealers, golf and retirement communities, sports complex and rental scooters at theme parks such as Disney. The CheetaGolf Carts are the most well-equipped Single Rider golf carts in the industry. These carts are lighter than traditional golf carts by 80%; an innovative swappable lithium battery provides for Non-Stop rental potential; and they have the industry leading return on investment (ROI) with 3 to 4 rentals easily covering the monthly lease payment.

CheetaGolf developed the NINJA SINGLE RIDER model two years before COVID-19 and our 2021 model exceeds ADA compliance regulations. The NINJA can get handicapped golfers out on the course more often. The NINJA, weighs in at under 200 pounds, add 25 lb. for the optional windshield and canopy, the NINJA is light, nimble, and friendly to the turf leaving virtually no footprint, it allows golfers with mobility issues to access any portion of the golf course including the putting surface, subject to the rules of the course.

The NINJA is also ideal for golfers that want to play faster. Four players on NINJA’s all going to their own ball can significantly decrease the time it would take four players in two or more traditional cars crisscrossing fairway after fairway.

With leases starting at $175 per month, The NINJA is a great supplement to your current cart fleet. Each NINJA takes up only 40% of the footprint of your traditional cart with the ability to Fully Charge in 2 hours. This will allow you to honor player requests who want to ride alone due to health concerns without the worries of running low on cars reducing player capacity while increasing revenue potential.

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