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Cheeta Golf NINJA SINGLE RIDER is a PGA Magazine Partner.

Ninja Highlights

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7540 103rd St., Jacksonville, FL 32210

(310) 318-2885

Ninja just added another experience in playing Golf
or Disc, FUN RIDING!
Whether you are a Golf Facility, Sports Complex or a general consumer who wants to speed up the game, the all NEW Ninja Single Rider is a great option to consider.
Oh yes, the wait is over.
model is here!
NINJA, Cheeta Golf's Single Rider Cart has released its new "Street Legal" model, and is now available.

No Damage to the Green

This is correct, our new Ninja golf cart will not leave tracks. Try one today, no financial commitment!


Ninja is ADA Compliant

• Ninja ADA cart will prevent lawsuits
• Ninja PSI is 50% less than a footprint
• Does not leave tracks on the green


We Support PGA Hope

Cheeta supports PGA HOPE and will provide NINJA ADA for your Vets’ events.

Cheeta Ninja Single Rider is a PGA Magazine Partner

New World Sports Complex in Jacksonville Florida welcomes NINJA, Cheeta Golf’s Single Rider Cart!

15 NINJAS just installed!

New World Sports Complex is the largest disc golf in the South East and the 5th largest in the US. It offers the most diverse and challenging courses to be found in North America. Whether you are a beginner on the ball golf scene, a disc golf enthusiast , or are conditioning for cross country competitions, New World is your premier destination for everything sports!

(310) 318-2885

Ninjas at the New World Sports Complex

New revenue for your Sports Complex!


NINJA, Cheeta Golf’s Single Rider Cart at KemperSports Facility in Stockton CA.

Speed up your game!

18 hole average of 1.5 hours will allow early morning golfers to play a round before work. Extending twilight to 1.5 hours prior to Sunset will allow golfers to play after work.

Adding a Ninja golfer to the foursome can generate additional two rounds in the daytime. These 4 rounds per day or 120 more rounds per month can only be generated by one Ninja, not by a traditional two person cart.

Ninja features:

A 200 lb Ninja with a 200 lb golfer will have 100 lbs per tire, a 200 lbs golfer footprint is 200 lbs. Ninja PSI is 50% less than 200 lb golfer walking on the fairway or the green.

Ninja will not leave any tracks on the turf or the green.

  ADA compliant, insurance against lawsuit
  Less turf and green maintenance
✔  Double A arm Independent suspension
  Additional rounds
  75% less energy to charge per golfer
  Can charge just the battery, not the cart
  1/3 of the footprint of the traditional cart
  99% of the Millennial's prefer NINJA over traditional carts
✔  PGA HOPE sponsor

Cheeta can ship within two days from our Los Angeles, CA, and Jacksonville, Florida warehouse.

Canopy, ADA and the Street Legal model


Ninja, THE NEW CUTTING-EDGE SINGLE RIDER. Lease our Canopy model today!


Our new and remodeled Ninja Single Rider golf cart WILL NOT LEAVE TRACKS on the green! 


The wait is over. Ninja Single Rider, the STREET LEGAL MODEL is finally here. Lease one today!

Ninja ADA Features

Cell Phone Holder

Cell phone holder for Selfie video. Share with your course Pro for consultation!

Speed Control

Speed control: Key out 12mph for the members. Key in 18mph for the management.

LED Display

LED display available for Speed and Battery Gage.

Lithium Battery

Swappable Lithium Battery with Ad space for your Course (Patent Pending)

Travel Seat

Swivel and adjustable forward and back 5” travel seat. (Patent Pending)

Reinforced Suspension

Double-A frame Suspension ensures a stable ride on uneven lies (Patent Pending)

Wide Tires

Wide Tires and Lightweight Frame mean less damage to sensitive turfgrass area.

Floor Mat

Removable and washable Rubber Floor Mat, Very versatile. 

Storage Bin

Removable and washable Storage Bin, very versatile. 


Removable and washable Cooler
to hold a 6 pack and ice.

Lease a Ninja Today

3 Models to choose from!

Ninja ADA

For 36 months + taxes

MSRP $4,995


For 36 months + taxes

MSRP $5,495


For 36 months + taxes

MSRP $5,495

It's time to speed up your game!

No Long Rounds.

The Ninja Single Rider ADA cart is capable of reducing the round time. That is correct, no more 4 hour rounds in the golf course. Try one today, no financial commitment! CheetaGolf will ship 2 NINJA ADA and 2 NINJA CANOPY to test.

Demo them at your facility for up to one week at no cost.

Drive a nimble Ninja.

That’s right, millennials like driving a nimble Ninja. It is a Ferrari vs a Mack truck.

The NINJA is also ideal for golfers that want to play faster. Four players on NINJA’s all going to their own ball can shave around an hour off the time it would take four players in two traditional carts crisscrossing fairway after fairway.