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Cheeta Golf NINJA SINGLE RIDER is a PGA Magazine Partner.

Ninja Highlights

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7540 103rd St., Jacksonville, FL 32210

(310) 318-2885

Ninja “Street Legal”


The CheetaGolf Carts are the most well-equipped Single Rider golf carts in the industry. These carts are lighter than traditional golf cars by 80%.

✔   10″ aluminum wheels – Gun Grey with diamond cut
✔   Self-retracting automotive turn signal stalk operating lights
✔   Turn signals and horn
✔   Heated Windshield – automotive safety glass
✔   Rear view mirror
✔   Plus package incl. interior dome light and windshield wiper
✔   Plus package also incl. Washer system and heated windshield
✔   Items not sold separately
✔   Storage room/ice box with lid mounted in dashboard
✔   Pre-wired GPS power outlet inside dashboard
✔   Off, reverse, neutral and forward gears operated by ignition key
✔   12 V output in dashboard
✔   Automotive safety glass (AS1)
✔   Speed switch


Leasing Please contact us for more information
Shipping Ships within two days from our Los Angeles, CA, and Jacksonville, Florida warehouse.