We are a group of technology, transportation and innovative professionals who are passionate about solving problems and bringing more enjoyment to the things people do. We are launching a fleet of personalized, environment-friendly vehicles to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

Play a round in 2 hrs.

USB Ports for
Charging Devices

Enables players to
Focus on their own Game!

Adjustable seats

Why Choose Cheeta!

  • ADA Friendly  to ADA compliance
  • Cell phone / camera holder record your game & share with Coach
  • Digital instrument panel
  • USB ports/phone charger
  • Built in Speakers
  • Glove compartment
  • Bright LED headlamps
  • Additional battery packs included for zero down time
  • Quick-charge removable Lithium batteries for non-stop rentals
  • Optional folding canopy
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“Conserves my walking energy
to playing golf ”

– Palm Spring 70+ golfer

“Ditch my wheel chair and play a round and
putting without stepping off the swivel chair”

– Florida disability golfer

“I can play a round in 2.5 hours
more time to spend with my family”

– Texas 20’s some golfer

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Cheeta Speeds Up Your Game + It’s Fun To Ride!

The Cheeta Golf Cart is the most feature-rich,
personalized golf cart anywhere! The Cheeta Golf Single Person Cart is lighter than traditional golf carts by 80%, and is environment friendly

Cheeta’s Removable Fast-Charge
Lithium Batteries Mean
Continuous Rental Income!

Charge the removable Lithium batteries. Off board for nonstop rental during operating hours. Each charge is good for 36 holes plus 20% reserve.

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Fits Any Size Golf Bag + Charges Fast!

The Cheeta holds any size golf bag and the production Cheeta will have cooler, wire baskets and optional folding umbrella.

Features @Cheeta!